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Who should use a Professional Organizer?

Despite what you’ve seen on TV, just about anyone can benefit from a Professional Organizer. It’s not just about messy homes, clutter piles or chronic disorganization taking over. It’s also about homes that no longer function well. Life transitions happen to us all and often impact our homes more than we care to admit. For example, a busy life means that making room for another family member doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Which leaves you dealing with space that just isn’t set up correctly.

The people who benefit the most from our services understand that transformation is possible by having a third-party expert who is their advocate, coach and partner in their journey to better life and better surroundings.

If any of these statements ring true, you could benefit from a Professional Organizer:

  • Our kids are the problem! Once they are gone, I’ll have my house back.
  • I just need a vacation where I spend time cleaning and reorganizing.
  • My house looks like a bomb went off. We can’t have anyone over.
  • No one seems to notice when things run out. I’m constantly buying milk and toilet paper!
  • We have lived here X of years and have so much stuff and so many memories. There’s no way we can do anything about it.
  • We’ve just outgrown this house and have no room for anything.
  • I wouldn’t even know where to begin because I’m not a professional.
  • I never got around to hanging those pictures or picking out paint. I’m sure someday I will.
  • You never know when someone might need this (couch, bed, antique dresser) so we can’t possibly get rid of it. (Even though we haven’t touched it in 17 years)
  • Yes, it’s messy but I know where everything is? (Really?)

A Professional Organizer can help by bringing a fresh perspective and help you push past these frustrations and reach your goals. Having someone come in to help is not weak or admitting defeat. It’s a sign that you value your harmony and want your surroundings to work for you.

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  1. I’m glad that you talked about how a professional organizer can help by bringing a fresh perspective and help you push past these frustrations and reach your goals. personally, I believe that once in a while we need some help to bring back harmony to our lives. Thanks for the advice on how a professional organizer can help you bring better surroundings.

    1. Derek, thanks for the feedback! I love what our profession can do for people and the value we bring when it comes to imagining or re-imagining a space. Christi

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